The F1 Black Baldie :-

the Ultimate Beef Suckler Cow

The F1 Black Baldie female. – Hybrid Vigour resulting in unsurpassed Performance with Efficiency.

What is the F1 Black Baldie?
The F1 Black Baldie is the first cross between the Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds and is a favoured cressbreed for quality beef production in many countries around the world.
What is so good about the Black Baldie suckler cow?
  • Hybrid Vigour = Increased performance & output at no extra cost.
  • Good Temperament = Ease of handling and low stress.
  • Longevity = Longer breeding life and lower replacement costs.
  • Hardy = Able to out winter without concentrates and hold her flesh.
  • Efficient = Good foragers and feed converters eating substantially less silage daily than their cross Holstein counterparts.
  • Easy Calving = Vigorous calves that get up and suckle quickly.
  • Tight udders and small teats = Reduced labour suckling new born calves. Cows with the right amount of good quality milk for fast growing calves.
  • Easy Fleshing = Progeny finish quickly at good weights. Add to this the improved cull value for cow.
  • Recognizable = Calves consistent in type and quality for even sale groups.
  • The Males = Growthy, high value steers providing tender & tasty beef which qualifies for many Angus or Hereford premium beef schemes.
  • Self Replacement = It's simple to maintain a Black Baldie type herd by continuous crisscrossing each generation with Hereford or Angus sires.

Increased Hybrid Vigour makes the Angus X L1 Hereford tops for Performance & Efficiency.

Airies Sultan 865
Airies Sultan 865 the easy calving sire of many of our Black Baldies