Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our Hereford cow herd.
The Ervie Hereford herd has existed now for over 50 years, and it has played a major role in the lives of all our family.
We are quietly proud of the consistency and quality of our cow herd and believe they will do a great job for you whatever bull you breed them to. Our use of line breeding will allow you to maximise the hybrid vigour in their calves.
We hope you find the videos helpful but will be incredibly happy to arrange to show you round the herd and allow you to evaluate their potential for yourself if you can make the trip.
Many of the cows descend from original foundation females in the herd. Over the years we have added good families from other established UK Hereford herds, but since 2005 we have concentrated on introducing Hereford Line One genetics from the USA, ensuring a robust herd health and biosecurity policy and a totally closed herd.
This is the first year we have offered females with straight Line One Hereford pedigrees. A few of them are actual imports, but most are the result of our own line breeding programme used since 2005. They are all named as “Achievements” with the letter following their name intimating which flush they are from.
This offering is a unique opportunity for you to obtain some of our best cows at the price that suits you best.
Best regards,
John, Alexandra, Rosie, Ellen, Olivia and Kristina.
Terms and Conditions
The cows are being sold without their 2020 calf and were exposed to the bull from 01/08/20 to 08/10/20. Their calves shall be weaned by the 10th November and the cows pregnancy tested and notified ready for uplift to the buyer. All cows become the buyer’s risk from this point and should be uplifted ASAP. For any cow scanning not-in-calf, the buyer shall have the option to void the sale.
When the online auction is completed, The Livestock Link will confirm the sales with each buyer by email. Payment on invoice after the sale to be made to C & D Auctions with 25% downpayment and remainder due before shipment in November.
Health & Breeding.
The breeding herd is on an IBR, Lepto and BVD vaccination programme.
Next herd TB test January 2022.

Come and view the cattle in their true natural condition, straight from the field with no pampering or preparation. Our breeding policy is to let our cows do the work and look after themselves and their calves. No creep is provided for calves before weaning, in order to measure the true maternal performance from grass. After weaning, the heifer calves are reared commercially in their full group. Each July we ultrasound our entire bull and heifer crop for muscle depth and back fat and provide full information for their EBV’s Our cattle have genetics you can rely on for profit. They have been reared to exhibit hardiness, thriftiness and fitness and still perform well. They will work and continue to perform and will not require special treatment and feeding. They will produce calves that fill you with pride.


Please contact John on 01776 854226 for further details.

Please click on the Tag Number to view pedigree details.
For more information on each cow click here.


Lot No 6 Ervie Carol Lily 131616 UK583609401616 11/05/2013

Lot No 7 .Ervie Barda 131650 UK583609301650 21/05/2013

Lot No 8 Ervie L1 Achievement 131651K UK583609401651 22/05/2013

Lot No 11 Ervie Carol Lily 151939 UK583609501939 17/05/2015


Lot No 12 Ervie RL1 Achievement 151964N UK583609201964 27/05/2015


Lot No 17 .Ervie Carol Lily 172326 UK583609702326 28/05/2017


Lot No 21 Ervie Lisette 121529 UK583609101529 02/06/2012


Lot No 23 Ervie Gypsy 141797 UK583609301797 25/05/2014

Lot No 24 Ervie L1 Achievement 151942M UK583609101942 18/05/2015

Lot No 25 Ervie L1 Achievement 151972M UK583609301972 28/05/2015

Lot No 28 Ervie Lisette 162140 UK583609302140 28/05/2016

Lot No 29 Ervie Model 162141 UK583609402141 28/05/2016


Lot No 30 Ervie Laura 162150 UK583609602150 31/05/2016

Lot No 31 Ervie Laura 162179 UK583609702179 18/06/2016

Lot No 32 Ervie L1 Achievement 172210D UK583609302210 11/02/2017

Lot No 33 Ervie Lisette 172214 UK583609702214 22/02/2017

Lot No 34 Ervie Laura 172230 UK583609202230 06/05/2017

Lot No 35 Ervie Laura 172257 UK583609102257 15/05/2017

Lot No 37 .Ervie Gypsy 172258 UK583609202258 16/05/2017

Lot No 38 Ervie Lisette 172297 UK583609602297 21/05/2017

Lot No 39 Ervie Gypsy 172305 UK583609702305 22/05/2017

Lot No 40 Ervie Lisette 172316 UK583609402316 25/05/2017


Lot No 42 Ervie Narcissi 111455 UK583609401455 11/12/2011

Lot No 45 Ervie L1 Achievement 131671A UK583609301671 27/05/2013

Lot No 47 .Ervie Pansy 141816 UK583609101816 28/05/2014

Lot No 48 Ervie Pansy 141826 UK583609401826 02/06/2014

Lot No 50 Ervie L1 Achievement 151902A UK583609301902 24/02/2015

Lot No 54 Ervie L1 Achievement 151955A UK583609701955 27/05/2015

Lot No 57 .Ervie Plum 152019 UK583609102019 25/06/2015

Lot No 60 Ervie L1 Achievement 16219 UK583609502191 08/07/2016

Lot No 61 Ervie L1 Achievement 162200A UK583609702200 17/07/2016

Lot No 62 Ervie Pansy 172209 UK583609202209 09/02/2017


Lot No 70 Ervie Peach 111361 UK583609101361 17/05/2011

Lot No 72 Ervie L1 Achievement 131693F UK583609401693 03/06/2013

Lot No 73 Ervie Peach 131712 UK583609201712 17/06/2013

Lot No 74 Ervie Peach 141784 UK583609401784 20/05/2014

Lot No 76 Ervie Peach 141861 UK583609401861 18/06/2014

Lot No 77 .Ervie Peach 151915 UK583609201915 09/05/2015

Lot No 78 Ervie Peach 152028 UK583609302028 07/07/2015

Lot No 81 Ervie Peach 162075 UK583609102075 13/05/2016

Lot No 83 Ervie Peach 162096 UK583609102096 17/05/2016

Lot No 84 Ervie Peach 162136 UK583609602136 26/05/2016

Lot No 85 Ervie L1 Achievement 162161H UK583609302161 04/06/2016

Lot No 86 Ervie Peach 172219 UK583609502219 11/03/2017

Lot No 88 Ervie Peach 172250 UK583609102250 14/05/2017


Lot No 92 Ervie Sunset 131655 UK583609101655 23/05/2013

Lot No 94 Ervie L1 Achievement 141805E UK583609401805 25/05/2014

Lot No 95 Ervie Tribute 401839 UK583609301839 09/06/2014

Lot No 96 Ervie L1 Achievement 152031E UK583609602031 09/07/2015

Lot No 103 Ervie Snowdrop 172211 UK583609402211 12/02/2017

Lot No 104 Ervie Tribute 172268 UK583609502268 18/05/2017

Lot No 119
Ervie RL1 Achiever 151973N
UK583609401973 28/05/2015

Lot No 120
Ervie L1 Achiever 162044
UK583609502044 03/03/2016

Where do we differ from most other herds?
We base our selections on traits that directly affect commercial profit.
? Our herd is line-bred for High Natural Performance. Yearling growth is our first selection criteria in our stock bulls.
? Our line-bred herd produces calves with Increased Predictability. Less variation in the calf crop including birth weights and growth rates.
? Our line-bred cattle produce calves with Increased Uniformity of Type. Progeny have good structure and conformation built-in.
? Our line-bred cattle produce progeny with Increased Hybrid Vigor when out-crossed. Hybrid Vigor is about the only FREE input in the production of beef!
? Our line-bred cattle are High in Maternal Traits. Most important for retaining female herd replacements and lifting herd output.
? We have no extreme birth weights and unassisted births has been a priority since my father started the herd in 1969.
Quite simply, we produce easy-doing, uniform, problem-free cattle that leave the most important thing of all ………a profit!
We hope you find heifers to suit you in our offering.
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