Come and view the cattle in their true natural condition, straight from the field with no pampering or preparation. Our breeding policy is to let our cows do the work and look after themselves and their calves. No creep is provided for calves before weaning, in order to measure the true maternal performance from grass. After weaning, the heifer calves are reared commercially in their full group. Each July we ultrasound our entire bull and heifer crop for muscle depth and back fat and provide full information for their EBV’s Our cattle have genetics you can rely on for profit. They have been reared to exhibit hardiness, thriftiness and fitness and still perform well. They will work and continue to perform and will not require special treatment and feeding. They will produce calves that fill you with pride.


Please contact John on 01776 854226 for further details.

Please click on the Tag Number to view pedigree details.
Ervie Peach 131668 UK583609701668 26/05/2013
Peach 131668. Sired by L1 Achiever 91149H. Pd’d in-calf to RL1 Achiever 151966N for a Jan/Feb calf. Tremendous cow from a great family. Her half-brother sold to Des Kelly, Northern Ireland in 2016 for £3000 and became a top sire for him. Half-sister 602451 heifer in this sale offering. Her 2016 heifer is retained in-herd.
A good cow in any herd! N.B. The figures and Indexes don’t lie. This is an opportunity to buy one of the best!
Ervie Barbara 101252 UK583609401252 22/05/2010
Barbara 101252. Sired by L1 Achiever 200851. Pd’d in-calf to RL1 Achiever 151973N for a Jan/Feb calf. Smart looker and a productive cow with twin bulls for sale in 2020. Top family established with us since the 1970’s. Her 2016 daughter is retained in-herd.
Top looker, top producer! Her figures and Indexes back her up. Don’t miss this really good cow!
Ervie Pansy 131629 UK583609301629 16/05/2013
Pansy 131629. Sired by L1 Achiever 91149H. Pd’d in-calf to RL1 Achiever 151966N for a Jan/Feb calf. Great female line. Sons have sold locally to T Cochran and to J Kerr, Galston for £2500. First daughter sold to Welburn Herefords and her 2018 heifer is retained. Half-brother sold to R Parker for £4150 in 2016.
Foundation opportunity not to be missed.
Whartonspool Libby 2nd. UK162167 400384 07/06/2008
Whartonspool Libby 2nd. Sired by Ervie Classic Lad B618. Pd’d in-calf to RL1 Achiever 151973N for a Jan/Feb calf. One of only two bought-in cows in our herd, Libby sure “punches above her weight”. With daughters working in 3 other pedigree herds and bulls selling to £2600 to Briscoe farms, Yorkshire. Her 2017 daughter is retained in-herd. Half-sister has produced 2 high-priced bulls at our sales with her bull selling to J Walker, Worcester for £3000 in 2018 and his full brother making £5200 to Manon Lewis, Anglesey this year.
Good breeding pays dividends!
Ervie Barbara D877 UK583609700877 15/03/2007
Barbara D877. Sired by Ervie Broadway U113. Pd’d in-calf to RL1 Achiever 151973N for a Jan/Feb calf. Another prolific cow from the good Barbara family. Half-brother exported to Giel Hermans, Netherlands in 2008 to become a very successful sire. Her sons have sold well in our bull sales and daughters have also featured as foundation females for 2 new herds.
Do not let her age discourage you –
fortune favours the brave!
Where do we differ from most other herds?
We base our selections on traits that directly affect commercial profit.
 Our herd is line-bred for High Natural Performance. Yearling growth is our first selection criteria in our stock bulls.
 Our line-bred herd produces calves with Increased Predictability. Less variation in the calf crop including birth weights and growth rates.
 Our line-bred cattle produce calves with Increased Uniformity of Type. Progeny have good structure and conformation built-in.
 Our line-bred cattle produce progeny with Increased Hybrid Vigour when outcrossed. Hybrid Vigour is about the only FREE input in the production of beef!
 Our line-bred cattle are High in Maternal Traits. Most important for retaining female herd replacements and lifting herd output.
 We have no extreme birth weights and unassisted births has been a priority since my father started the herd in 1969.
Quite simply, we produce easy-doing, uniform, problem-free cattle that leave the most important thing of all ………a profit!
We hope you find heifers to suit you in our offering.
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