Ervie L1 Herefords

Bull Customer Fact File


Name: William Moses Year 1st Bull Bought: 2012
Farm: Challoch Most Recent bull purchase :
Region: Wigtownshire

Ervie Advance 101208

Ervie Hereford Spring Bull Sale 2012

Phone: Mobile 07780755546

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire:




Genetic  make-up of  cowherd:

Angus X

Simental X

Replacements source:


(Beef Herds)

Size of herd 

55 Cows

% Served by Hereford Sire


Other breeds of bull used:



Other farm enterprises:

Finishing store cattle

Mule ewes

Female offspring

Retained as breeding replacements

Finished/sold as in-calf heifers

Male Offspring

Finished as steers


William with Ervie Advance 101208 and some of his cows in February 2014.

William with Ervie Advance 101208 and some of his cows in February 2014.


Reasons for buying Hereford bull(s) from Ervie:

1) Ervie natural rearing policy

2) Ervie type - easy fleshing

3) Ervie herd health status

4) Local - with good reputation

5) Compliments the AA breed

6) Semen tested - IMPORTANT


How do you select your Hereford bull: Shape for ease of calving , Scrotal size

Have the calves from your Hereford bull met with your expectations: Yes

There were none which required assistance

Bearing in mind that we select our own sires firstly on natural yearling growth, suggest traits important to you that we should consider when making our herd replacement selections.:

Important that bullocks grow out to good weights when finished.

Are you familiar with the background to our Line One Hereford genetics: Yes

Do you agree that a Line-bred bull can maximise performance in a cross-breeding herd situation No comment

Have you anything to say as an endorsement for the bulls you’ve had from us?:

Did not melt. Kept his form and continued to grow.