Bull Customer Fact File (Robert Parker - Drumdow)


Name: Robert Parker
Farm: Drumdow
County: Wigtownshire
Year of First Purchase
Most Recent Purchase
Spring Bull Sale 2013

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire:

  • Beef Cows & heifers

Genetic  make-up of  cowherd:

Angus and Hereford

Replacements source:


Size of herd  190 cows

60 % served by Hereford sire


Other breeds of bull used: Angus

Other farm enterprises:

Easy care sheep flock of 280.

Wind Turbine 1000Kw.

Female offspring

  • Retained as breeding replacements.
  • Sold as bulling heifers or stores.

Male Offspring

  • Sold as stores at Stirling.



Reasons for buying Hereford bull(s) from Ervie:

     i. Ervie natural rearing policy.

    ii. Ervie Type.

   iii. Ervie Line-bred consistency of type and performance.

    iv. Trust.


Which physical traits are most important when you are selecting your Hereford bull:

  • Soundness and Balance.
  • Milk and Calving ease.
  • Concentrate on body length.

Have the calves from your Hereford bulls met with your expectations:


Are you familiar with the background to our Line One Hereford genetics:


Any other comments/endorsement

Never had to cull one on a fault.

They have always done the job.

Comment from Mr Parker

70 Bulling heifers are for sale spring 2014 on AA and HE passports