Ervie L1 Herefords

Bull Customer Fact File


Name: John & Rachel Richardson Year 1st Bull Bought: 1986
Farm: High Weirston Most Recent bull purchase :
Region: Wigtownshire Ervie Advance 101266 £1800 at the Ervie Spring Bull sale 2012
Phone: 01776 870631

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire:


Cows - sweeper

Heifers - mainly

Genetic  make-up of  cowherd:


Replacements source:

Homebred - buy in a few embryo's

Size of herd 

% Served by Hereford Sire

280 cows

Other breeds of bull used:



Other farm enterprises: Sheep winterers

Female offspring

Sold at < 3 weeks

Male Offspring

Sold at < 3 weks


John and Rachel with their prize-winning Holsteins.

John and Rachel with their prize-winning Holsteins.


Reasons for buying Hereford bull(s) from Ervie:

1) Docility - Staff safety    2) Good demand for calves   3) Calving ease   4) Hardiness


How do you select your Hereford bull:   Price, Feet,  Backend,  Quiet

Have the calves from your Hereford bull met with your expectations: Yes   Good calves at 3 weeks

Bearing in mind that we select our own sires firstly on natural yearling growth, suggest traits important to you that we should consider when making our herd replacement selections.:

Easy calving without being too small.

Are you familiar with the background to our Line One Hereford genetics:Yes

Do you agree that a Line-bred bull can maximise performance in a cross-breeding herd situation   Don't know

Have you anything to say as an endorsement for the bulls you’ve had from us?:

Brian was the best bull ever.