Ervie L1 Herefords

Bull Customer Fact File (M & J G Dunlop)


Name: Messrs M & J G Dunlop

Reason for using Hereford:

Docility & easy calving

Farm: Bishopton, Kirkudbright
Region: Dumfries & Galloway

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire:

  • Dairy Yes
  • Beef   Yes
  • Cows  Yes
  • Heifers Yes

Genetic  make-up of  cowherd:

Dairy – Holstein Friesian

Beef – Angus & Hereford

Replacements source: Homebred

Size of herd 

Dairy - 500

Beef - 200

% Served by Hereford Sire

Dairy – 10%

Beef – 20%

Other breeds of bull used:

Dairy – Holstein & Angus

Beef – Angus & Charolais


Other farm enterprises:

100 acres spring wheat

Photo 1
Photo 2

Description of cattle enterprise and what role the Hereford sire has and how you rear and market the Hereford offspring.

Dairy – to provide Hereford heifers for the beef enterprise with bullocks sold as stores.

Beef – Angus cross bulling heifers put to Hereford (& vice versa) to provide ¾ bred beef heifers for suckler herd.Bullocks again sold as stores.

Have you anything to say as an endorsement for the bulls you’ve had from us?:

Living well and good on feet – easy to work with due to docility.Is there any chance you could breed Angus bulls under similar conditions? (Good to buy both from one farm.)