Ervie L1 Herefords

Bull Customer Fact File (William Goldie)


Name: William Goldie

Reason for using Hereford:

Temperament & ability to shift off forage based diets

Farm: Barnford, Dalrymple
Region: Ayrshire

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire :

  • Dairy
  • Beef   Yes
  • Cows  Yes
  • Heifers

Genetic  make-up of  cowherd:

SalerX & Stabiliser

Replacements source:


Size of breeding herd 

90 cows & 30 in-calf heifers.

% Served by Hereford Sire 25%


Other breeds of bull used:



Other farm enterprises:

Lleyn sheep & Romney put to NZ bred Texel & Suffolk rams.

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Description of cattle enterprise and what role the Hereford sire has and how you rear and market the Hereford offspring.

Having ceased milking in Sept. 08 we bred up our beef herd using Simmental bulls onto our dairy cows. These were then put to Saler bulls. The SalerX made a good cow but we found the offspring to be far too temperamental & took a lot of fattening.

So we binned the Salers in favour of Stabilisers and we find them much quieter & easier fleshed.

With lots of StabiliserX heifers entering the system, I bought my first Ervie Hereford in 2013 & to date he has served 60 young StabiliserX cows, and I am delighted with his first crop of calves this year. I expect to buy more Ervie Herefords in the future to cross breed with the Stabiliser to produce easy fleshing, placid cattle.

All my HerefordX heifers will be retained & the stirks will be sold store through Craig Wilson Ltd. at its new native store sales at 18 months old.

Have you anything to say as an endorsement for the bulls you’ve had from us?:

Buying naturally reared bulls that thrive and don’t melt when they hit the real world is a treat. I wish the Douglas family and their Herefords every success.

Willie Goldie