Bull Customer Fact File (Ed Dale - Stockery Farm)


Name: Ed Dale
Farm: Stockery Farm
County: Cheshire
Year of first purchase
Most recent purchase

 2007 4 bulls

2012 17 bulls

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire:

  • Dairy cows

Genetic  make-up of  cowherd:

NZ Friesian, Jersey, Holstein.

Replacements source: Home bred

Size of herd  1700 in 5 herds

50% served by Hereford sire and increasing


Other breeds of bull used: Angus & Dairy

Other farm enterprises:  All milk

Female offspring

  • Sold at < 3 weeks

Male Offspring

  • Sold at < 3 weeks

Ed Dale and his father Barry in the

Ed Dale and his father Barry in the "hub"

of their large dairy operation.


Reasons for buying Hereford bull(s) from Ervie:

           i Ervie natural rearing policy

          ii Ervie Line-bred consistency of type and performance

         iii Ervie herd health status

          iv Ervie customer service

           v Fertility

          vi Calving ease

         vii Docility

        viii Good Feet

Which physical traits are most important when you are selecting your Hereford bull:

  • Feet, fertility and also docility.

Have the calves from your Hereford bull met with your expectations:


Are you familiar with the background to our Line One Hereford genetics:


Have you anything to say as an endorsement for the bulls you’ve had from us which may give potential customers confidence to buy bulls from us.:

Five years of doing business and never felt the need to view the bulls and select them which is not normal for us when buying stock. We have 100% confidence in ordering the bulls unseen. Future selection will include identifying the bulls with below average birth weight for use on yearling heifers.