Ervie L1 Herefords

Bull Customer Fact File (A Lindsay)


Name: A Lindsay & Co. Reason for using Hereford:
Farm: Culnaightrie
Region: Dumfries & Galloway

Use of Ervie Hereford Sire (please tick):

  • Dairy
  • Beef  a
  • Cows  a
  • Heifers  a

Genetic make-up of cowherd:

Simmental x Angus

Replacements source: Homebred

Size of breeding herd  330

% Served by Hereford Sire 12%


Other breeds of bull used:

Simmental, Angus, Charolais

Other farm enterprises:



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Photo 2

Description of cattle enterprise and what role the Hereford sire has and how you rear and market the Hereford offspring.

 Self replacing herd with 240 April/May calvers and 90 August/September.

 All replacement heifers home bred and calved at 24 months.

 All male calves finished as bulls on cereal diet at 14/15 months.

 Heifer calves not required for breeding finished at 17 – 20 months.



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