What can Ervie L1 Hereford genetics add to

your cattle operation



Since introducing L1 genetics to our herd in 2008 our sales of breeding bulls have increased by 380% (57 bulls supplied to our commercial customers in 2012 ).

You might say, "Well done, but actually I find that quite boring. I'm not interested in Herefords"
I'd say, "Is improving your profits boring?"
Then you might ask , "What can Ervie Line One Hereford genetics offer my cattle enterprise?"
I'd say, "O.K. Let me show you some examples."
Our bull customers generally fit into 4 types of farming operation.
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(i) Modern large-scale dairy unit from 300 to 1000+ cows.

(ii) Traditional family dairy farm +/- 200 cows.

(iii) Mainly native breed upland beef suckler herd producing suckled calves for sale.

(iv) Intensive and semi-intensive beef suckler herds with A-Angus or continental cross cows using a continental teminal type beef bull.


All 4 types of bull customer are looking for different requirements from their bulls but all of them are having success using our L1 Hereford genetics.

Why is that?        Well here are some of the reasons.
Our herd is line-bred for High Natural Performance. Yearling growth is our first selection criteria in our stock bulls.
Our line-bred herd produces bulls with Increased Predictability. Less variation in your calf crop including calf size and growth rates.
Our line-bred bulls produce calves with Increased Uniformity of Type. Progeny have good structure and conformation making it easy to batch large groups of the same age.
Our line-bred bulls produce progeny with Increased Hybrid Vigour. This is one of the few things you can add to your herd at no extra cost.
Our line-bred bulls are High in Maternal Traits. Most important for retaining female herd replacements.
Herefords and their offspring are generally Quiet Natured. Very important when retaining female replacements and also for safety whilst handling the stock.
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